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Family Therapy Session

Support during health challenges

Health crises can decimate the familiar parameters of life. Identities and relationships may become nearly unrecognizable. Yet the logistical demands of medical care often leave little occasion to reflect deeply, access solace, and ultimately, to rebuild in a way that does justice to what has been survived. As a psychotherapist, I advocate for the precious interior life that may go unattended in conventional medical settings. A primary aspect of my work is accompanying individuals and families through such challenges, whether you are the patient, or the partner, parent, son, daughter, close friend — or a healthcare professional, grappling with burnout.

At times, medical language may emphasize deficits, diagnoses, and impairments, even while the inner human voice remains intact, and waiting to be heard. It possesses life force and yearning. If it is ignored, despair arises that is inimical to wellness. In my practice, the inner voice is accorded respect, and invited into the world. It brings with it deep resources for whatever stage of the journey is navigated.

My office provides a safe place for these essential conversations, whether you come to therapy alone, with a beloved, or with the entire family. I am also equipped with community connections, practical experience, and awareness of health challenges. Our conversations might include integrative approaches to recovery, unconventional, creative strategies for professional caregiving, and reconnecting in family relationships on fresh, relevant, and humane terms. We can explore together what you need and wish for as you define the new terms — informed by all that you have experienced, witnessed, and survived.