Specializing in Support for Physicians and Patients 
in Los Angeles

Practicing The Art of Partnership

"Love consists of this: two solitudes that meet,
protect and greet each other." 

—Rainer Maria Rilke

Like good therapy itself, the practice of coupleship requires equal parts safety and risk. Without a degree of safety, we cannot allow ourselves to be vulnerable and open. Without a degree of risk, there can be no change or growth. Together, we will create this balance in our couples sessions, so it gradually becomes part of the growth and mutual curiosity that you own as a couple, and that makes a relationship feel alive.

A crisis is not requisite for embarking on the conversation of couples therapy. Alert, thoughtful dialogue deepens the capacity for shared adventure, and constitutes good maintenance for any coupleship. But if you come to our work together in grief, anger, hurt, or confusion, I stand prepared to support you with practical skills and resources for determining what comes next.

That decision will be based on your own values, both as individuals and as a couple. At critical life junctures (the arrival or departure of children, job changes, financial upheaval, a move, infidelity—or navigating a pandemic), it is often necessary to engage in re-vision of the shared assignments and meaning on which your partnership is founded.

Deep listening in partnership is reparative and it is an act of intimate justice. I consider it an honor to accompany my clients in claiming that justice for themselves, and with each other.