Specializing in Support for Physicians and Patients 
in Los Angeles

Healing Emotionally
During and After Physical Illness

“To be ourselves we must have ourselves—possess, if need be,
re-possess, our life stories. A man needs a narrative to
maintain his identity, his self.”
—Oliver Sacks

Health crises can decimate the familiar parameters of life. Identities and relationships may become nearly unrecognizable. Yet the logistical demands of medical care often leave little occasion to reflect, access solace, and rebuild in a way that acknowledges all that has been survived. At times, medical language emphasizes deficits and impairments—while the inner human voice remains intact and waiting to be heard. That inner voice possesses life force and yearning. If it is ignored, despair may arise that is inimical to wellness. In our psychotherapy sessions, it is accorded respect and invited into the room.

Our conversations might include emotional aspects of healing, creative strategies for caregiving, and reconnecting in family relationships on fresh, relevant and humane terms. We can explore your needs and wishes as you restore a personal narrative, informed by the hard-earned wisdom of all that you have experienced.

This psychotherapy office holds a special place for individuals and their families who are recovering from stroke and TBI (traumatic brain injury), and in particular impacted by aphasia. Although aphasia occurs more frequently in the US than Parkinson's disease, cerebral palsy, or muscular dystrophy, public awareness of it remains scant. If this condition impacts you and your family, I am ready to listen and explore innovative forms of support with you.